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Peter F. Hamilton


Peter F. Hamilton

Martin Šust

British author of hard-SF and modern space opera, he was born on March 2, 1960 in  Oakham and still lives nearby. Writer of  profession became in 1993 after a number of not very long or satisfactory jobs. He entered fiction with the short story "Bodywork" (1990) in  in the September issue of Dream magazine, his first sold-out short story later became "Death Day" (1989) published in  the now defunct British magazine Fear. Greg Mandel first drew attention to himself in the trilogy of Greg Mandel's detective SF thrillers: Mindstar Rising (1993), A Quantum Murder (1994) and The Nano Flower (1995), in which he described the work of an independent detective with  telepathic talent in  the environment miraculously perfected England of the 21st century, when the political and economic influence of business corporations is constantly increasing. Later to  cycle in the short story "The Suspect Genome" (Interzone, 2000), for which he received the British Science Fiction Association Award. The amendment was later in  revised form published together with  a new edition of the introductory part of the series also entitled "Family Matters" (2013).

This was followed by the warmly received series of baroque space operas The Night's Dawn: The Reality Disfunction (1996), also known as The Reality Disfunction: Emergence & Expansion, in Czech Neutronium Alchemist (1997, also known as The Neutronium Alchemist: Consolidation & Conflict, in Czech : Attack, Escape and Faith, three volumes, Triton, 2005). The discovery of a completely incomprehensible entity here triggers events threatening to overthrow humanity from  the peak of technological possibilities that in  The 27th century is represented by hundreds of inhabited planets, successful gene experiments, mutually beneficial contacts with  several extraterrestrial races at various stages of technological development, living spacecraft and residential space habitats, and  last but not least, the peace guarded by the Confederate navy. The Confederacy is desperately fighting an avalanche-building epidemic of human souls returning from  scary nothingness in  obsessed bodies with an energetic power that gives them unsuspected and destructive abilities.

A collection of A Second Chance at Eden (1998, in Czech  Paradise, Triton, 2007). Some previously published separate short stories were published in it so that they fit into the world of the Confederacy in the times before Dawn of the Night. This is, among other things, the case of the well-known "Spare Capacity" (New Worlds 3, 1993, Czech Capacity of Thought, Ikaria, number 10/97) reworked under the title "The Lives and Loves of Tiarella Rosa". Probably the most popular short story of the cycle is "Escape Route" (Interzone, 1997, Czech Escape Route, Dry, Cold Cradle, Eridani 2000 and New Good Pieces, Laser, 2001), in  which you can meet with  the crew of the spaceship Lady Mac under the command of the father later readers of the popular Langrange Calvert. Also worth mentioning is The Confederation Handbook (2000).

IN  the future interwoven with a global network of virtual reality, the novel The Web: Lightstorm (1998) takes place, which  pens of various British authors of the science fiction genre. The self-published novel Watching Trees Grow (2000, in Czech How Grow Trees, Futures, Laser-books, 2007) describes the investigation of murder in a crime-free society of the alternative world of the 19th century. The solo novel Fallen Dragon (2001) is the story of a sergeant in a state-of-the-art unit in the service of a powerful corporation that, thanks to its terrestrial technological superiority, does not hesitate to seize the wealth of developed space colonies by force.

IN  In the novel Misspent Youth (2002), a well-known scientist returns to his family after being the first person to undergo a successful rejuvenation peel, thanks to which  life returned in  a healthy and strong body of a twenty-year-old man. In the same universe, the novel duo Commonwealth Saga takes place: Pandora's Star (2004, Pandora's Star, two volumes, Planeta9, 2018) and Judas Unchained (2005), in which he returned to  popular space opera of cosmic proportions. This time, humanity has colonized more than four hundred planets through wormholes and is enjoying a hitherto unknown peace and peaceful development, which may be disrupted by an attempt to unravel the mystery of the disappeared star, which was  imprisoned for unknown reasons  huge force field. The trilogy Void also includes the Void trilogy: The Dreaming Void (2007), Life of Dreams (2009) and Evolution's Dream (2010), in which a black hole is discovered in the middle of the Milky Way, which is in fact a passage to the paradise dimension. . However, the dreaded mass migration through this portal could have devastating consequences for the entire galaxy, which in turn triggers a complex and protracted discussion.  related interstellar crisis.

Hamilton's latest expansion to date is the Chronicle of the Fallers series: The Abyss Beyond Dreams (2014) and Night Without Stars (2016), in  which from  In earlier novels, the famous Nigel Sheldon, the inventor of wormhole technology and one of the founders of the community,  During the Civil War, to protect humanity from a ruthlessly murderous alien civilization, which can also be the key to destroying an even greater threat - the so-called Empty, mysterious man-made object located in the center of our galaxy. Police investigator Paula Myo, the heroine of the short stories "The Demon Trap" (Galactic Empires, 2008) and "Manhattan in Reverse" (2011), appears in all of the above series. The second of  of these works first appeared as a title in  the author's short story collection Manhattan in Reverse (2011). IN  Czech translation we have with  Hamilton's universe, the so-called community, first met in  short story "Blessed by an Angel" (New Space Opera, 2007, Czech Blessed by an Angel, New Space Opera, Laser-books, 2008).

Hamilton's only second solo novel, Great North Road (2012), is again a detective story from the distant future, in  by which mankind got rid of all the problems of civilization and, with the help of the invention of immediate travel over light years, inhabited other planets. Probably the most powerful force in the human colonized universe is the family of cloned Norths, thus investigating the murder of one of the  led by detective Sidney Hurst is similar to the movement in  minefield unsuspected political and economic consequences. Sisters Taggie and Jemima of  Hamilton's illustrated fantasies for children's readers Queen of Dreams: The Secret Throne (2014, also known as The Queen of Dreams), The Hunting of the Princes (2016) and A Voyage Through Air (2017) face the difficult task of rescuing their abducted father, who is to  their utter surprise, in fact, by the prince in earthly exile and the rightful ruler of the magical First Kingdom.

IN  self-published short story A Window Into Time (2016, Czech Okno do času, Planeta9, 2017) we follow the story of a special boy Julian, endowed with an eidetic memory, which he could always rely on in his life, but only until  after all, a strange mistake will appear. Expected return to  The ambitiously designed space opera is the upcoming trilogy The Salvation Sequence, launched by the novel Salvation (2018), in which the flourishing humanity in 2204 offers to help the alien civilization of space pilgrims in exchange for their advanced technologies. The question remains whether this trade is a blessing or a curse, in  in the second storyline, in the distant future, a clan of genetically enhanced warriors is preparing for the task of once and for all protecting the remnants of humanity haunted by the universe from an indomitable enemy.

Today, Peter F. Hamilton is still the acclaimed author of boldly arranged space operas true to modern processing and an unusually lavish structure, which often places high demands on the reader's attention, but always rewards with a show of unprecedented details, an action spectacle and often original ideas. It is therefore entirely appropriate for the author to return to the Czech book market, hopefully only this time permanently.

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