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Moon gardens

The Malayan Empire rose from a small island kingdom and built an empire on the edge of swords and magic, which is not equal. However, endless wars with internal strife are exhausting and the empire is beginning to decline. Even the Bridge Fighters , once an elite sapper unit of the Malaysian army, fell out of favor.

But the Empress rules with a hard hand and enforces obedience through the Claws, her terrifying assassins. She now turned her eyes to Drujistan , the last of the Free Cities in Genabakis. This has withstood the empire's troops for four years, mainly thanks to special allies. The celestial fortress of the Moonstone hovers over the city, and the inhabitants themselves wonder who are the mysterious Tiste Andia, who live in it with their master. The Cup of Patience of the Malay Empire has overflowed. The Empress's aide comes to break Darujistan, even if it means resurrecting something that should remain buried forever. The last remaining Bridge Pawns penetrate the besieged city directly to launch their own bold plan.

However, other sinister forces emerge from the shadows and new and forgotten gods are about to enter the game.

Moon gardens

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  • Steven Erikson

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