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Brutal murder. The lost girl. Time is running out.

1997. National Investigation Service agent Shannon Moss is assigned to solve the murder of the family of a member of the elite SEAL unit and, above all, to search for his missing daughter.

He soon discovers that the Marine belonged to the crew of the USS Libra spacecraft, destined for the Deep Waters in the future and mysteriously lost in  dark streams of time. Libra's journey far into the future is firmly tied to  violence that Shannon is investigating in  of the present. She is determined to find the lost girl at all costs. She is driven by both stubbornness and determination and the unsettling feeling that this event is all too related  her life.

The evidence lies in  future, and he must go there if he wants to uncover the truth. To her horror, she finds that the fate of one family does not depend on the speed of her investigation. IN  Terminus, horrible end, destruction, extinction of humanity awaits the future. WITH  every other way the countdown is shorter, the Terminus is getting closer.


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  • Tom Sweaterlitsch

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