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sale Steel Nobility (slightly damaged)

The Scioni know no bounds

The Scioni don't die

Scioni doesn't disappear

Sergeant Ted Regan has a problem. The son of a powerful corporate family, Scion, got lost somewhere at the front. His armor was to protect him - a deadly battle armor, in  which every Scion can easily take over the entire battlefield - but something seems to have gone disastrously. Regan and his platoon, on the other hand, are demoralized and ill-equipped, but they must set out behind enemy lines to find the lost Scion and find out how his armor could fail. Has anyone developed a weapon capable of destroying hitherto untouchable members of the steel nobility? And how could ordinary soldiers, who cannot afford the state-of-the-art protection systems of the rich, survive on the battlefield of tomorrow?

sale Steel Nobility (slightly damaged)

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  • Adrian Tchaikovsky

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