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Dog soldiers       Dog soldiers


Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky

Translator: Martin D. Antonín

Cover: Michal Suchánek

ISBN:  978-80-88321-11-8


380 pages

399, - 

"My name is Rex. I'm a good dog. "

However, Rex is also two meters tall, bulletproof, with heavy firing gear and equipped with a fear-inducing voice simulator.

Rex is a genetically modified life form, a specially developed weapon designed for  spread of doom. It's a bioform. It was developed by his Lord along with  other bioforms from  his Packs in  anarchist enclave of the Mexican state of Campache to fight in  his dirty illegal wars. IN  Dragon (lizard), Meda (bear) and Bee (swarm of bees) are fighting Rex's Pack.

Each bioform has enough intelligence to carry out orders and a feedback chip to reward it when it completes its task. Rex is a dog and all he wants is to be a good dog. All you have to do is do what the Lord wants you to do. And the Lord says He must kill the enemy. Many enemies.

But how does he know who the enemy is?

What happens when everything collapses, battles are lost and war is lost? Is the Lord judged as a war criminal?

Does the Geneva Convention on Arms Rights remember? If they are also living beings.

Does Rex and him have a similar right to exist?

And what happens when Rex jumps out of  clues?

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Dog soldiers are in good (bio) form

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