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Chen Chiou-fan


Chen Chiou-fana



Chen Chiou-fan was born in 1981 in the Chinese city of Shandou. (In accordance with Chinese custom, Mr. Chen's last name is written first. Sometimes he uses the English name Stanley Chan.)

He graduated from Peking University with a degree in Literature and Fine Arts and Marketing Communication from Hong Kong University and Qinghua University. He has worked for Baidu and Google China. Since 2017, he has been writing full time. Chen Chiou-fan's books are referred to as "sci-fi realism," complex and exciting stories that focus on the individual's inner struggle with society in a time of accelerated change.

He grew up near the Chinese city of Guiyu, which is the world's largest e-waste recycling center, an area that the United Nations has called an "environmental disaster." Experiences in this area inspired the book Silicone Island. In this book, it depicts in a rare intensity the time of the near future, which may still affect our lives. The ecological destruction caused by the invasion of capital, the fusion of man and machine, and the growing tensions within society are the processes that, according to Chen Chiou-fan, are beginning to shape the world. The hitherto unimaginable form of a world in which the integration of humans and machines is experiencing both rise and fall at the same time, the interconnection of body and technology create an epic of evil and hope.

Chen Chiou-fan published his first short story in 1997 in Science Fiction World, China's largest sci-fi magazine. Short fiction works have won three Galaxy Awards for Chinese science fiction and twelve Nebula Awards for science fiction and fantasy in Chinese. In 2012, the book "Fish from Lijiang" won the award for best short form in the Science Fiction & Fantasy Translation Awards. His short stories have been published in Fantasy & Science Fiction, MIT Technology Review, Clarkesworld, Year's Best SF, Interzone and Lightspeed, as well as in the influential Chinese sci-fi magazine Science Fiction World. His works have been translated into German, French, Finnish, Korean, Czech, Italian, Japanese and Polish and other languages.

He is currently working on a collection of six short stories about the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. In September 2021, a book by Chen Chiou-fan, scientist Li Khai-fu and artificial intelligence, AI 2041: Ten Visions for Our Future, will be published.

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