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GOD DOESN'T neglect

BOOK OF Witnesses


Planeta9_Bůh nedbá_Steven Erikson

Steven Erikson

Many years have passed since three Teblor warriors came to a small settlement on the shores of Silver Lake, and with them bloody massacres and chaos. Although the town has recovered and the Teblor tribes are no longer heading south, the memory of past horrors remains. Karsa Orlong, one of the three, is now considered a god, even though he is a withdrawn and indifferent god. His cult is one of many that have emerged throughout the Malaysian world, including the worshipers of Coltaine, the god with black wings, and the cult of the guide of the dead, Iskar Jarak, a favorite among the imperial soldiers.

The Legion of Malay Marines is marching to Silver Lake. Reports have emerged that tribes across the border have set in motion. The Marines are not sure what they will face. Although the Malaysian army has evolved and today's Marines are not like the old days, one thing has not changed: they can handle anything that stands in their way. Or they will die.

At the same time, a new war leader arose in the high mountains where the Teblor tribes lived. Marked by the deeds of Karsa Orlong, he intends to stand up to his god, even if it means cutting a bloody path through the Malayan Empire. High in the mountains, a new threat has emerged and the Teblori are running out of time. The invasion, whose threat has long hung in the air, is set to begin at any moment. This time it won't be three ordinary warriors. This time, the countries in the south are about to flood thousands of Treblors. And only one legion of Malay Marines stands in their way…


699, - 

Author: Steven Erikson

Translator: Dana Krejčová

ISBN: 978-80-88321-80-4

bound with dust jacket

800 pages

Bůh nedbá
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