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The United Kingdom is teetering on the brink of collapse, crisis, poverty and strikes, this is a hot present and people are falling into either despair or apathy. In the midst of malaise, a path to a new world suddenly opens up - a wormhole that leads to another planet and perhaps to a new world order. At least that's what the laws of its creator and owner suggest. The planet New Suffolk, on the other hand, is accessible to all "decent people." They can leave good old England, leave behind the past to start a new life without the ghosts of the old. The exodus begins, though no one knows what he will actually find after passing through the wormhole gate. No one has returned yet.

The new world is the right way to go  solving the Earth's problems?

Author: Peter F. Hamilton

Translator: Martin Královec



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story from the world of the community completely free for all  readers of Peter F. Hamilton
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