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Their sea      Their sea


Hitode Station

Author: James L. Cambias

Translator: Dana Krejčová

ISBN: 978-80-88321-24-8


323  hillside


The moon Ilmatar lies on the edge of the known universe. It is gripped by a blanket of ever-cracking ice and the freezing depths of the ocean. OF  of darkness at its bottom are mysterious creatures inhabiting an inhospitable water emptiness.


A scientific expedition at the Hitode submarine station explores these wonderful life forms as well as the ancient local culture. But in the name of civilization, other visitors come from space.


The sea under the ice unexpectedly becomes the scene of an impending intergalactic conflict between humans and a hostile alien species. However, it does not belong to any of  them, belongs to the Ilmatharians. It's their sea.

399, - 

Planeta9_Jejich moře_James L. Cambias.jpg

illustration by Tomáš Kučerovský

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