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What are weapons for?

Author: Iain M. Banks

Translator: Michael Talián

Cover: Luke J. Frost

ISBN:  978-80-88321-36-1


464 pages

"The path to a man's heart leads through his chest."

499, - 

Culture, a sophisticated and peaceful society, is driven by machines and people live in abundance here. However, beyond the influence of Culture lies the unknown and the dangers. The monitoring of the surrounding systems and the elimination of threats is aimed at the "Special Circumstances" intelligence department.

Cheradenin Zakalwe is one of the best Special Circumstances agents. The man who is himself the most effective WEAPON is able to change the fate of the planets through intrigue, dirty tricks and combat actions. They are trying to prevent even worse violence.

Culture has another task for him. He sends him into an unstable star system to find his old teacher and mentor. Can he rely on his commanding officer, a beautiful, unpredictable agent, and her drone? He will definitely not be stopped by anything. As a reward, he demands only one thing - meeting a woman with whom he has a strong mysterious and bloody past.

What Arms Are For is the third novel in the Culture series by phenomenal fictional author Iain M. Banks.

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