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The cage of souls

Author: Adrian Tchaikovsky

Translator: Milan Pohl

ISBN:  978-80-88321-32-3

bound with dust jacket

620 pages

599, - 

599, -

The sun is slowly fading and the planet Earth is no longer blue. There is only one city and the last human community survives in it. Beyond the city lies either the toxic masses of the ocean or the wild dark jungle inhabited by monsters and mutants. People live with the awareness of the imminent end. In the shadow of the weapon.

In their desire for immortality, they carry out genetic transformations or try to preserve the forgotten art of reading and writing and leave a message about the age of people.

Uncomfortable and rebels send to the Island - a penal colony in the jungle. In one transport is Stefan Advani, a rebel, outlaw and chess player, one of those who is trying to break the bars of the soul cage.

This is the story of him and the end of civilization. The new heirs of the Earth are coming.

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