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Pandora's Star Invasion

Author: Peter F. Hamilton

Translator: Petr Kotrle

ISBN: 978-80-907371-6-7


590 pages

499, - 

IN  XXIV. century thanks to wormhole technology, humanity has colonized a number of planets and created a vast community of  Community name. They encountered only friendly or neutral forms of extraterrestrial life. This peaceful coexistence ended when one insignificant astronomer discovered a mysterious star separated from the outside world by an impenetrable energy barrier. Humanity sends to  this star's mission with  in order to reveal the secrets of the star. The expedition arrives at its destination, but instead of examining the mysterious barrier, they observe its equally inexplicable disappearance. The force field was created to  imprisonment of an extremely aggressive and cruel species of any kind  considers another intelligent race to be a deadly threat to its existence. After the barrier falls, the alien invaders immediately attack the unprepared community. Without mercy, they exterminate one planet after another. Thousands of people are dying and others in  horror and confusion leave homes.

It is a time when we need to rise and resist.

But nothing is as it seems and people are wondering if they are being manipulated by some foreign force  unimaginable power…

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