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The Emptiness of Evolution

Author: Peter F. Hamilton

Translator: Martin Královec

ISBN: 978-80-88321-64-4


680 pages

499, - 

The spaceships of the Living Dream are heading into the Void. Pilgrims expect to find a real paradise here. So far, the second Dreamer has not only escaped the agents of the Living Dream, but he also manages to get out of the pitfalls set by Paula Myo and the traps that the psychopathic killer nicknamed the Cat describes him.

The emptiness expands at an alarming rate, hungrily swallowing the energy of planets, stars and entire galaxies. Time is running out, and few realize how little humanity has left. Inigo dreams of his last dream, more dangerous than all the previous ones. Is it possible to stop the Pilgrimage? Reveal what awoke in the Void?

The fratricidal war for control of humanity does not end in the Community. The head of one of the hostile factions also longs to reach Emptiness. However, he is not looking for paradise, but absolute power.

Prázdnota Evoluce, Planeta9
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