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Author: Kim Stanley Robinson

Translator: Pavel Bakič

ISBN: 978-80-88321-48-4

bound with dust jacket

600 pages

"We had a bad shaman. Trn always repeated this sentence when he also did something wrong. "

Thorn is a shaman. The purpose of his life is to convey the wisdom of the tribe and its stories, to teach those who will follow in his footsteps.

Heather is a healer. Without her, the clan would not hold together and die.

Elga is the one that everyone underestimates and that will change their lives from the ground up.

And then there's the Diver. A shaman's apprentice, determined to find his own way. But the world is treacherous, the path is never easy, and it is uncertain where it will lead.

Shaman a powerful, exciting and heartbreaking story about the boy's journey to adulthood. And also an amazing vision of how we lived thirty thousand years ago.

599, - 

Šaman - obálka.jpg

illustration by Lubomír Kupčík


first envelope drawing

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