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Silicone island

Author: Chen Chiou-fan

Translator: Hana Do

ISBN: 978-80-88321-44-6


376 pages

There is no silicon heaven, there is only the hell of Silicone Island.

Endless rain. Roaring tide. Cyberimplants. Beaches covered with metal and jellyfish. Virtual drugs. This is Silicone Island.

The silicone island is controlled by three clans. For generations, their rule over the tons of electronic waste that rolls in from all over the world is unquestionable. Here it is transformed, transformed, recycled and thus becomes a source of immense wealth and power for the lords of the island.

Thousands of collectors have lured here the promise of constant work and a better life. Nothing is further from the truth. Now, day and night, they search the world for giant landfills and dangerous toxic debris in the mountains. They are looking for a treasure that will open the way out to freedom, far from their gloomy existences.

Mimi lives in this dump. He knows what and how, he can turn. But the rules of the game will change. The status quo is disrupted by the gang war. The riots are spreading faster and faster. For a pawn like Mimi, this is a chance for a change.

Silikonový ostrov - obálka poslední_web.

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