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The war with the Starfish is over and the Fellowship is beginning to recover. He is still plagued by instability, confusion, and especially hundreds of thousands of refugees from the worlds destroyed by the invasions of the Perfect. One of the heroines of the fighting, investigator Paula Myo, returns to the job for which she is genetically profiled. Now, however, her unwavering will to enforce law and justice unexpectedly put her in trouble, as Community citizens want to forget war crimes.

Wilson Kime convinces the disappointed and disgusted Paula Myo of a trip to the sunken, but rapidly evolving, planet of Menard, where unexplained attacks on peaceful settlers take place. Here he can fully develop his abilities, uncover the causes of the mysterious raids on the homestead, and prevent the evacuation of the planet.

Is there a special kind of alien creatures behind the aggression? Xenobiological research at Menard found them mild and unintelligent. However, unexplained events raise the unpleasant question of whether scientists could have been wrong. Whether the history of the Indian tribes on the island of Manhattan is repeated.

Manhattan upside down

Author: Peter F. Hamilton

Translator: Martin Královec



story from the world of the community completely free for all  readers of Peter F. Hamilton
Manhattan_obálka_název bílý.png

The war with the Starfish is over.

The community longs to forget.

Paula Myo has to find a new job

for their exceptional abilities.

Peter F. Hamilton

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