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Malay book of the fallen

Author: Steven Erikson

Translator: Dana Krejčová

ISBN: 978-80-88321-76-7

bound with dust jacket

688 pages

699, - 

The Empire of Malaz arose from a small island kingdom and built an unequal empire on the edge of swords and magic. Endless wars, internal strife and bloody clashes with the admirable Anomander and his Tiste Andia, ancient and irreconcilable magicians, are exhausting and the empire is boiling with discontent. Even the army, long accustomed to bloodshed, longs for a moment's respite. However, Empress Laseen continues to rule with a firm hand and enforces obedience through her terrifying spasasasasas. Now she fixed her voracious gaze on Darujistan, the ancient citadel, and the last of the Free Cities in Genabakis. The last bastion of independence still resists the strength of the Malaysian army. The Moonstone Heavenly Fortress hovers over the city, and the people of Darujistan themselves are wondering who their mysterious ally is.

However, the empire does not seem to be alone in this great game. Ominous forces emerge from the shadows and the gods themselves prepare to enter the game…


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