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e-Void Time

There is confusion in the Community. The deadline set by the Living Dream for the Pilgrimage to the Void is approaching, and the horror of awakening the unknown forces dormant in the Void is growing. The Fleet of the Ocissian Empire is rapidly approaching the borders of the Commonwealth, with the old enemy of all human beings behind the conflict, and its goal is genocide. Within the community, a fratricidal war between post-human factions is raging for its fate.

Paul Myo is desperately trying to prevent a senseless path to destruction, ruthlessly searching for agents of individual factions in an effort to prevent their further rivalry. Tormented by the ghosts of her ancient past and relied on the help of colleagues of dubious loyalty, she loses the battle against time.

The hero of Inig's dreams is the messiah of the Living Dream. Once living in the middle of the Void, his engaging and wonderful story inspires billions of people. He is the driving force behind the Pilgrimage. It grows with each dream. Is it possible to seal this force? The true essence of Emptiness has not yet been revealed…

e-Void Time

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  • Peter F. Hamilton

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