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Judas freed from bondage The Last Watch

The community awaits the last battle with the Perfect. He decides the fate of humanity.


Mechanic Mark Vernon has the impression that he has finally found the right place for himself in an uncertain world. He managed to get a job in the safest of the worlds in the community. He and his family seem out of danger.

One day, Nigel Sheldon asks him for a small favor and the man who created the Fellowship does not refuse. The problem with small favors, however, is that they are often paid a huge price.


The war is adversely affecting the human race, and the starfish 'malicious activities threaten the very heart of the community. Only the destruction of a traitor can change the balance of power, but Operation Paula Myo ends in fiasco.

Paula must find out who is a traitor to humanity…

Judas freed from bondage The Last Watch

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  • Peter F. Hamilton

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