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Think of Fléb

"We'll all be fine. We'll all be fine."
That's what it's called for those we lead into battle and maybe even death. Whether they are at war with fist wedges or fusion bombs.
A Chameleon named Bora Horza Gobuchul also says this before a dangerous action in the tunnels under Schar's world, where the fugitive Brain is hiding, perhaps with knowledge important for the war.
And the war is really raging in the galaxy, led by Culture and the Idir Empire, huge orbital constructs explode, and the deaths number in the billions.
You can't do without soothing: mainly because, in fact, nothing and no one will be okay.

Think of Fléb is the introductory novel in the Culture series by the phenomenal fiction author Iain M. Banks, who is just as spectacular a space adventure as a painful reflection on fragility and mortality.

Think of Fléb

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  • Iain M. Banks

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