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sale Pandora's Star Barrier (yellowed and slightly damaged)

The year is 2329, and humanity has already colonized more than four hundred planets with wormholes. For the first time in history, peace reigns.

Then something seemingly impossible happens - a star thousands of years away suddenly disappears. It does not turn into a supernova or collapse into a black hole. She simply disappears, trapped in a huge force field.

In a situation where classic interstellar flights are a thing of the past, the only ship capable of developing super-light speed is sent to investigate this inexplicable phenomenon. At the same time, however, the question arises that the isolation of a remote star could have its reasons. AND  penetrating inside may not be as difficult as preventing something from getting out ...

The stories of the individual actors are gradually intertwined and merged into a stunning space saga, as only Peter F. Hamilton can.

sale Pandora's Star Barrier (yellowed and slightly damaged)

499,00Kč Regular Price
199,60KčSale Price
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  • Peter F. Hamilton

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