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Judas freed from the bond of persecution

Author: Peter F. Hamilton

Translator: Petr Kotrle

ISBN: 978-80-88321-08-8


666  hillside

The perfect will become the worst nightmare in the community.

Coexistence with  technologically advanced aliens are impossible, the perfect are genetically determined to  extermination of other life forms. The twenty-three worlds of the Community have already fallen victim to the invasion of the Perfect. And no one knows where to strike next.

Yet Perfect is not the only threat to the community.

For more than a hundred years, the mysterious Cult of Identity Rangers has been trying to warn of another alien threat, the sophisticated, elusive Starship, eroding the unity of the community. Trapped between two terrifying enemies, the community must unite or die.

WITH  former adversaries become allies in  search for alien agents.

499, - 

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